A Thousand Tiny Cuts

At a Christmas tree lighting in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, a barefoot, thinly clad young woman runs up to a mounted police officer, frantic and begging for help. She tells the officer her name is Caroline Hanson.But that can’t be.Caroline Hanson vanished into thin air ten years ago.When Detective Mena Kastaros is informed that the victim in one of her first cases as a detective has reappeared, she battles emotions she’s tried futilely to ignore for nearly a decade. Not only was this case important to Mena, but the details of Caroline’s abduction bear a striking resemblance to her own daughter’s kidnapping around that same time. The only difference is that Mena’s daughter was found dead two weeks later, and here sits Caroline Hanson, alive and relatively unharmed.Mena must use the information she learns from Caroline to track down the man who abducted her—a man who may also be responsible for the death of her daughter.Now, the seasoned detective will face her demons as she seeks to bring this evil monster to justice. But Mena fears her demons may win, and if she finds the man she’s hunting, she might not be able to allow the legal system sort it out.Mena must decide which is more important to her…justice…or revenge.

Presumed Dead

Reggie Foster has done an amazing job of blending into the small town of Irvine, Kentucky. For five years, she has laid down roots, started a new career, and even made a few friends. Even more impressive? She’s hiding in plain sight and no one even remotely suspects she’s not who she says she is.When a six-year-old girl goes missing and she begins having visions that might help find her, Reggie has no choice but to take the risk of telling the police only one of her many secrets…that she’s a psychic. She gambles with her freedom when she turns to Detective Jack Benton, a former big-city cop trying to escape a traumatic past, and offers to help with the investigation.Reggie finally convinces Detective Benton to give her a chance. With the help of Warren Harvey, a search and rescue organizer battling his own personal demons, the three form a rather unorthodox task force.Somehow Reggie must help the team find the missing girl while keeping the others from discovering the truth about her past.