Who is Christina Kaye?

Christina Kaye was raised by a family of creatives in central Kentucky. As a child, she enjoyed all things artistic, including coming up with her own stories. In school, she excelled in any assignments that required an essay or longform answer. Writing has always been a passion of hers. Afraid of becoming a starving artist, however, she opted for what she considered at the time to be a more stable career path, and she earned two college degrees then began her career as a paralegal. But even this job gave her the opportunity to write many original legal documents, which (temporarily) satisfied that little “stirring” in her heart everytime she read a book or thought about writing.



One day, that little “stirring” in her heart became an all out passion for writing, and after spending over a year learning, practicing, and honing the craft of writing fiction, she wrote her first book, Like Father, Like Daughter. This book led to her first agent deal, a 5 book contract with her first publisher, and a national book award. 


But even then, something was still missing.



By 2019, Christina had spent over 20 years working in corporate America, and she was growing tired of working for demanding attorneys, punching a clock, and being micromanaged. So, she had an idea to use turn her side hustle of editing books and author coaching into a full-time career and begin her “second act” in life. So, she spent September through December building her business from the ground up, and in January 2020, she launched Write Your Best Book. Her hope, at the time, was that she’d be able to quit her corporate career by January of 2022. However, by mid-February of 2020, just six weeks after launching her business, Christina walked away from her nine-to-five career so she  could focus solely on helping authors write their best book.



Christina has made many appearances at regional book festivals, writing workshops, and author conferences as a panelist and keynote speaker. She’s written feature articles for numerous popular websites for authors, including Writers Digest, Jane Friedman, and many more. She also teaches creative writing courses at Carnegie Center in Lexington, Kentucky. And her podcast, Write Your Best Book, was recently named a top-ten podcast for authors on the craft of writing. She’s also the Founder & CEO of Write Your Best Book, a service provider for authors, and Book Boss Boutique, a store that sells only things authors need to write their best book.



Christina still lives in Kentucky with her two rowdy pups, Riley and Izzy. When she’s not writing or working with authors, she can be found sitting on the patio, listening to the rain hit her roof and reading a good, twisty suspense novel.


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